Room wars against neutral colour

It is time for the war room wars, that is. That's right. Are you ready for the fight? But first, How many of us struggle with the choices we make? Like color vs neutral vanilla chocolate vs or big or small. At anyway, it all can be confusing, at times, so that today A little bit of fun with room of warsdid. Here is the deal. We have two rooms, a neutral and a vibrant and colorful but both equally beautiful. What I need from you is voices that WINS will be revealed on your favorite room and at the end of the room. Ready!


This room is wonderful, vibrant and sexy win or lose this room designed to perfection. This room is designed by Maria Barros .


This room is boring but elegant and sexy neutral and homely and all-round convenient and not on all, win or lose, this room is perfect in my eyes. This room is designed by Sarah Richardson .

Let's Once again

Time to vote

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