Spooky beginnings...

Did I mention that I was a bit of a masochist?

No? You'll see..

The darlings attend catholic school,
and for some unknown reason the school has decided against having any dances.

Those awkward dances are a right of passage, no?

I remember my first one, the floor was empty,
and I asked a boy to dance!
We were the first ones out there, and I think he was ready to kill me :)

It was such an exciting time,
and it eased the transition from child to young adult.

So... I decided to honour my promise of a halloween party to Tash this year,
and this weekend we are hosting our first boy girl party.


Nail biting has begun.

1 2

Anyhow, of course we've needed to get decorations started...
thought you may like to see a sneak peek - 
I'll get some better, in-the-dark ones because the lighting is what really makes it 
(isn't it always?!!)

The gallery wall...

this was a joint effort -
Tash and I found most of the pics online,
printed them off, and hung them inside wall decal frames.

Lots of giggles and evil laughing!

that crazy woman front and centre positively GLOWS when the black lights are on....

a bit of disco on the mantle...

the food table...
(we've planned a gourmet menu of pizza and chips)

these guys are flanking the table...
their eyes light up and change colour :)

we tucked a skull into some old silk flowers

a crow sits on a mossy bed of pumpkins....
the food will be served in cauldrons...

Bones, our bartender for the evening...

There's lots of other bits and bobs, 
pics to come....

Are you working on any projects for halloween?

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