Color Post: How Saturation Save The Mix

This spring your wardrobe will more than likely contain pieces like this:

Solid or striped these juicy, saturated hues in unusual combinations offer up a new take on color.
These combinations are about freedom and happiness, something sorely needed for many right now.
Pairing this luscious color with white or black will keep the look from overwhelming the eye.

The stripes of spring make me think of Missoni, who have been doing this for years:

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So what makes this work?
First off all, remember my post about Clean and Dirty Color 
and be sure to keep all hues equal - in this case, clean.
Next you need to consider saturation.

The saturation of a color refers to the dominance of hue in a color.
A highly saturated color will contain little or no white, black, grey or it's complement.
The grey scale, running from black to white with all the greys in between, are considered desaturated.

How does all this relate to the color clash trend?

Here's that color mixing secret:

If you use clean colors that are highly saturated
 you can mix and match freely.

source 1 2 3

Although not for everyone, this is one look that can't help but make you smile :)
If you tend to have a neutral palette, try working in bits of color..
and see what a change this brings to your space.

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